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Murex Ramosus 12-13 cm

Murex Ramosus 12-13 cm at a reasonable price.

Murex Ramosus 12-13 cm
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Murex Ramosus 12-13 cm Muricidae In this family, about 1,000 species of shells of varying size and form, embracing the warmer tropical and subtropical seas and oceans, are included in the family. Their dramatic forms are of interest to many collectors around the world. In the past, some of the species Haustellum brandaris lined a purple color that served to color the ritual slaves and cloaks. To this family is also the Black Rapanese Rapana Venosa, whose natural range is the Far East. With the development of shipping, it spreads to the Mediterranean, Black and Azov Sea, it is assumed that the transport was carried out with sea water used for ship ballast.
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