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Bursa Bubo 9

Bursa Bubo 9 Tutufa Tutufa bubo Linnaeus at a reasonable price.

Bursa Bubo 9
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Bursa Bubo 9 Tutufa Tutufa bubo Linnaeus Tutufa Tutufa bubo Linnaeus, C., 1758Class GASTROPODA ORTHOGASTROPODAOrder LITTORINIMORPHASuperFamily TONNOIDEAFamily BURSIDAESynonim-Bursa rubeta gigantea Smith, E.A., 1914This frog shell is found in tropical waters from low water to depths up to 180 m, mainly among rocks and coral. The solid shell is large and coarsely sculptured. The intersection of the spiral ribs and the axial sculpture results in a nodulose pattern of more or less round knobs.The outer lip is dilated and shows a number of labial plicae, resulting in a toothed inner lip. The columella is concave and plicate. The suture between the whorls is slightly constricted. The aperture is circular. The callus is pinkish, with a rim of bright orange-red just within the aperture.The shell has a rather high spire. The height of the shell measures up to 167 mm, and its width is up to 107 mm.
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