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Black Nerita

Black Nerita Nerita atramentosa at a reasonable price.

Black Nerita
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Black Nerita Nerita atramentosa Negru Nerita Nerita atramentosa. Size 1.2cm to 1.8cmA tough outer shell helps to protect from predators. The shell is waterproof which also helps to prevent water loss during low tide when they are exposed. The shell is is usually dark grey black which helps it to camouflage and avoid predators.Gills that help extract oxygen from water when submerged. A flap called an Operculum can seal the shell trapping water inside.Strong Muscular foot prevent them from being washed off rocks by waves while still allowing for movement. Radula this is a structure used to scrape algae off rocksThey are active feed when submerged. When the tide is out they become inactive and seal seal off their shell to conserve water. They move into cracks and crevices to reduce their exposure to sunlight and winds that would normally increase water loss. They can form clusters group together to reduce the surface area that is exposed to light wind. This also helps to prevent drying out.
£ 9.00
£ 9.00
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