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Seashells, marine souvenirs and nautical gifts

JS Commission is whole trader and retailer of seashells, marine souvenirs and nautical gifts.

JS Commission buy seashells from the biggest reputable shell suppliers in the world. We are importer, whole trader and retailer of seashells, marine souvenirs and nautical gifts.
All our goods are designed for souvenirs and gifts trade, home decoration, beach themed weddings, marine themed events, seashell decorations and restaurant tableware.
Most of our clients are sole traders, shopping centers, central department stores, manufacturer, wedding and catering agencies.
We have warehouse and many articles on stock, but as an whole trader we do accept import requests. All our natural seashells for sale come with ecological certification and are sustainable.

Images on our website are in our opinion a very fair reflection of the goods we send to you. Where products are natural there will of course be slight differences in appearance and we ask you, the buyer, to specify if there are more precise colors or shapes you require when ordering.
However, where these products are natural (gemstones, minerals, seashells etc) we cannot guarantee exact color matches/shapes and you, the buyer, will be responsible for postage costs to and from us, the seller.

The exact seashells pictured on the site may not always be in stock and at such times we will occasionally substitute the ordered shell or shells for shells of equal or higher value which are as close a match as possible. We will always enclose a note if this has been done to avoid any confusion.
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We do care for our clients.
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